What and when?

We worship together on Saturday mornings – 9.30am for Small Group Bible study and 11.00am for the Main Worship time, but there is much more than that.

What should you expect during this worship time?

Well our prayer is that you can come and be comfortable, feel welcomed and more importantly discover and experience relevant and powerful life changing lessons from the Bible. We pray that you’ll get a glimpse of who Jesus is, and to know that there is an incredible God who loves you beyond measure. If you want to know more about what a church service looks, click here.

What else is there besides Saturday morning?

The answer is “PLENTY!” We have something for you if you’re an adult regardless of your age and we of course also have something for our youth and teens

What about kids?

We love kids! We strive to create a Safe Church for our kids, and we have things happening for children of all ages! Check out our Children’s Ministries pages here 

We’d also like to connect with you!

You can get to know our team here. Of course, with a church of 200+, there are plenty of others involved! Connect with us by