Pathfinders run periodically on a Saturday afternoon, and the group goes away on camps and all sorts of other fun things on weekends from time to time! Similar to Scouts, Pathfinders get to participate in all sorts of activities, in addition to of course learning about a loving God. The age group for this is from 10-15.

With some similarities to a Scouts club, Pathfinders is designed for young people aged 10-15, with 6 age level groups:

– Friends, Companions, Explorers, Rangers, Voyagers and Guides. Pathfinders offers a wide range of learning experiences that are designed to shape positive values and enable young people to reach their full potential. Much of the program has to do with outdoor / nature activities which assist in developing self-confidence and an appreciation of God’s Creation. These wide range of activities include camping, hikes, games, biking, kayaking, fundraising events and much more!

However besides having fun, the Pathfinder club aims to mentor members into a growing relationship with God, achieved through spiritually-based courses of study and experiences that are both indoors and outdoors. The club is organized and led to build members into responsible, mature individuals who contribute to their families, their community, their church and their world.

We currently have more than 30 young people that attend, and we’d love for you to join us! Every four years, we join thousands of other kids at the South Pacific Division Camporee for a few days of fun-filled, spirit-building excitement and adventure.

All Pathfinder leaders and volunteers adhere to our safe church policy 
Please feel free to contact our Pathfinder Director for more information: Joel Bews – 0400 017 159 |